Thursday, February 19, 2015

THURSDAY -- My Friday

‎THUR. FEB. 19th, 2015
  Ten years ago, this weekend, there was a storm over the south land. Reports also suggest, possibility of rain, this weekend. Ten years ago I was contemplating a trip to Los Angeles, just like I was then. Back then, Hunter Stockton Thompson was alive and then he killed himself. I hope I never do that. Wish or so wished I could write for a living, but it appears I'm doing this, have been, at a place, which, has been here 60 years in July of this year, and the ride I work, in the building I'm in a lot and am scheduled in today, it as well, has been in existence, ten (10) years, this March, 17th. This May, we'll start our work's 60 year celebration. My Dad, moved to Mexico 10 years ago. Imagine that!
 I'm grateful for the supremely easy simple ride I've had, all these years, and though I still complain about fits and stops and false starts that go nowhere, I keep on going, so far, so good, I guess. I'm one of the lucky ones. One of the luckiest ones around.
 Never wanted a man or woman to be my partner, not full time all around. At least not a man, not like that. A woman, sure, pure, beautiful images, wants, desires, but none of it included kids, children, offspring. Ridiculous. In what I call, this world. No. Absolutely not. Feel a little bad for my parents I mean if that's what they've wanted for me. I've only wanted to be able to take care of my self. So far, I've not done that completely very successfully, so, I've reason to live, plenty, and goals to accomplish, I'd say, I guess. Moving on. I've got friends and one major enemy. The friends are loyal great and few. The enemy is you know who. The one you look at in the mirror, the one inside, the one who doesn't always hide or keep its foul mouth shut. Hoo!

 Not much reading accomplished and more books/reading material acquired. What a waste. So too clothing. Get rid of it, the excess. Trim down, Slim. Cut it out! Cancer growing? Melting down. Burning out. Molding on. Who knows what crap is going on, eh? Geez, please. Get it going, get it gone, get it done already, and, move on!!! School Online. Class. DO something other, DO something else!! NOW!!!

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