Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saint Valentino's Day

SAT. FEB. 14th, 2015
  They say, all you need is love. Money would be nice. In this world I need that in order to live with love. Actually, it's all about POWER! I'd rather have the instant immediate 'power' to do and not do, whatever I want, whenever I want, and, however I want. THAT'S what it's all about, forget about that ever elusive hokey-pokey!!!
 You want power, tuned in and turned on. You want power to feel better and help others feel better, in an instant of pain or disgrace; calamity, injustice. POWER, tuned in, and, turned on. POWER.
  Essentially, it's authority. You want it, and you don't want your self having to fight it, like some Cougar or Mellencamp John, who always fights it, but, authority, always wins. No. Even Eddie Cochran, he fought the law, and the law won. That's a loss of power or control, over one's life. In this world, that's what it's truly all about, forget about all that 'jiggery-pokery', movie flim-flam, 'preverted', Dr. Strangelove stuff. You Want Power/Control, over life, over your own life, over death, essentially. Yikes! What am I saying here?
 We want basically the ability to know and to take care of what we know. This is what made you sick or killed so-n-so. Well then, let's do this that, the other, and put a stop to that, right away, you know? Isn't that what it's all about? Power, right? Control, over all the elements as it were?
 I love it when things go my way. Hate it when things go away from me.
 Love is, a store needing to be open at 7 a.m., when you happen to be driving by, and it is. Love is, dropping your pen cap when you grab your coffee from the drive through window lady, but the guy in the car behind you doesn't pull up into the space you left behind, in order for you to walk back there and pick it up, without being run down, without being hurt, and having to live with that, for the rest of your life. Yeah, that's love.
  Love is needing from the store the purified fish oil caps and you're not finding them, anxious, having to go to the bathroom, and having a store that always has one available, easy access, even when the odd thing of a broken urinal's involved. You exit said bathroom and then you go back to the shelf to look at fish oil and you find it, THE one you want, AND, it's on SUPER SALE, mark down discount.
  (Better take them now, right? They must be old? BAH! Negative. They have a lot. Willing to be generous, give. In this case, a break on the pricing.)
  Well, that's love, and I like that. No? I LOVE that.
  But you/we don't have a lot of control over things. And things though they might be reminders, or triggers, it doesn't mean you have to pull them. Some of them, right. Buttons you have to press, yes. But meanwhile, it's all about what's happening inside you, inside, all of us. We control it, but not always. Some times we do and we love it. Some times we don't, and we hate it. But, it is what it is. This is this. And, it is the truth. This much is true. I know this much is true.

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