Friday, November 13, 2015


Yup, nice song. Wonderful, clever, ever so "cheeky" tune. Cloyingly, sickeningly effective, but gat-damned annoying! Yes, BAD timing. It's NOVEMBER, fucking 13th, a FRIDAY no less, and I'm trying to enjoy my coffee and egg/cheese/and un-cooked, bacon croissant, while the twin blonds are in the corner, one hacking their lungs out sick, and this lame-arsed,  musick selection comes on through the speakers, annnnnnd I'm OUT side. Like I had planned. There in my nylon, Kuhl brand, cargo pocket, shorts, pinch-free, Duluth Trading, underwear, thick socks, black leather, Nike, All Conditions Gear, (ACG, except for this one, they're much too small. They've always hurt my feet, in fact, my top left smashed ever for sharp in pain effective, forever. Bought originally for work on The Matterhorn. ), and my black, Fruit of The Loom, short-sleeved, single, left-pocket shirt, under my long-sleeved, white, crew-neck, compression shirt, from Russell Athletics, my mock turtle-neck shirt, (long sleeves of course) and black, from J.Crew or L.L.Bean, or maybe Land's End, my ICE-BREAKER half-zip specialized wool shirt, and over that, finally, my heavy but movable black Minus 33 Degrees hoody, almost all of these items made in CHINA, with the cotton exceptions, they're made in Honduras or Mexico, funny, I'm out on the sidewalk with all the stupid people and their stupid dogs. They all have stupid fucking dogs.

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