Saturday, February 15, 2014


 SO. Remember that album from that rich guy who used to be with another group which went on to be gigantic when compared to him and his work, eventually? 
 Remember when in grade school or something it was, SO? Such an insult? Some girl or guy professing their interest, would be so floored, just by one, simple, curt, response, by the single person audience being told, some heartfelt emotion: SO?
  So she is gay. How brave. And the gay comic is dying, of cancer. How sad. 
   What's really important, we miss. People are living. 
   What is it about sex, their preference, and capability to announce it to the world and its capacious and ravenous appetite to regurgitate the news? Who cares? What business is it of ours? And, if they're dying of some horrible disease, wouldn't you think a person would want it kept private? And, for that matter, their sexual peccadilloes as well?


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