Thursday, January 02, 2014

Does Not Match The Run Time

Yeah, getting errors about this but you know, this blog is easier to operate easier than livejournal, easier than tumblr (which looks the best) and easier than wordpress. I am a writer therefore I have no money and am highly stressed and sensitive and I just want need it working and easy to work as well, in all formats on all machines. So, it looks like this year I may just flush the hell out of all of them but this one. And if I can you know remember to email from you know, any of my 2 addresses, to this easy to get into the post from the email, having the address and having this site recognize the sender and having it post with out gobbly-gunk on it as well like tumblr is doing of late when I post photos there...if if IF IF IF, i'll have a merry groovy new year!!!

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