Monday, December 15, 2014

ESOTOURIC'S Eastside Babylon

Went on the bus, finally, Saturday, the 13th, of December. It went well. I found the cafe, The Daily Dose, and parked 2 blocks away, at a grocery store where there's a video explaining to anyone with an electronic vehicle, how to plug it in.
 Enjoyed the professionalism and thorough attention to detail everyone brought on board. I learned a lot and was able to contribute. I only hope next time I bring earplugs, or find a seat in back with a blown speaker above my seat, because it was too loud for me. I heard Richard, Kim, and Joan, all with ease, which to me, working as a carny, and having some issues from birth with regard to hearing, sinus issues, blockage, it was a surprise. I'm eagerly devouring Kim's latest book, THE KEPT GIRL, and look forward to Joan Renner's work as well. The future will definitely see me on board another bus very soon.

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