Saturday, February 01, 2014

Superior Bowle Le

 The Big foot ball game in America is today or yesterday and tomorrow for some. After work I'll be missing only just first bits, and wondering how the folks back home are doing as I feel my way across the field in my mind at Puh-sod-inn-uh, the Rose Bowl, back in...86? 87 maybe. The Steelers vs. The Rams. Up With People, did the half time show. Ushers handed out squares of mirror mylar for us to be a part. I was young, sober, shouting: This Game Is Fixed!, and people were turning around and then looking at one another saying, 'You know, he's probably right.' Of course I was, but so what?‎
 I'll be sober again by the time after work I reach the house. No one will be yelling or betting on the plays, point spread, or winners. It will be a dull puppy trot. I mean, I feel for both teams. I want Seattle. I'd like Peyton to win and then quit football for good. I don't want to hear the crap when or if Seattle loses, in the way of excuses. I just don't. I have a feeling there will be a lot, if they do lose. (They won't, right?) Anyway, who cares? The toughest defense, will it reign again? Or will it lose and break that? And who will be traded or quit after this game, never able to fully realize next year's possibility with their championship/division winning team going all the way next year, because they could, but, won't. The network has made damn sure there aren't any more Green Bay/Steeler Lombardi sucking teams 3 and 4 years in a row. That shit is long over. No more horse or barn for that show. They killed the dog on that one. Too bad. I kind of liked stuff like that. Back then it really meant something to be with a team to the end. Now, it's just an endorsement or broadcasting deal post game scars. 

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