Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Mutineer: Rants Ravings and Missives from The Mountaintop

 The book, by Hunter S. Thompson, a book of letters and the lot, of his work or writings, from 1977-2005, is, we hope, due to drop, this Friday, March 1st, 2014. 
 It was first announced, if memory serves, in 2010, when I first put an order in on it, in the online bookseller-plus-company, named after a rapidly disappearing jungle. Well, the publication date did the same thing, and we all felt raped, cheated, put upon. And now on its eve, we still feel a bit off, to say the least. There's nothing about its release in Vanity Fair, there's nothing about its release in Rolling Stone, and only the barely workable site for readers (frustrated, would be writers), to review books they read, has a thing on it. And the U.K., book seller plus site. And it's bitter and sad in that department too.
 Some suggest a lawsuit is/was involved. Hell, who knows? And, "Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson?" a book of essays by known associates and admirer's, is yet another thorn in this writer's side. Why can't it be brought out as well? Especially now? Nothing. There is nothing there. Ron the editor / Publisher at Last Gasp Press has told me repeatedly it's in the final stages, just waiting on Hinckle's essay to be finished. Well, dump on that! 
 Rumors abound it and the Mutineer book have both been out already, and I can't believe a word of it. Garbage, Nonsense, you people can't be trusted. None of you, and because of a lawsuit probably, some kind of gag order. Not even Simon & Schuster's idiotic website can cull the thing, and they're the publisher for hell's sake!!
 Wife Anita Thompson's website, the Gonzo one, nothing. Off the Web, for a damn long time. All a part of the demented plan for sure. Let's kill this project. Well, a-men, bruddah. You did. 
 I hope the book arrives and I enjoy it. Bet it won't arrive until Wednesday of the first full week of March, but I'll enjoy it what I can nonetheless. It's been a bummer that's for sure.

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