Friday, January 24, 2014


 We're off doing our own thing. We're not helping one another.
 Secret revealed, truth, be told. We can do no such thing. We can't do either very well. We just make some noise, splash around. Try as we may/might-we hardly make any sense (of it) before all time, sense of place, whatever, what have you, falls and, it's over--done--you die.
 Hang the sense of it. Purpose meaning reason answer(s), be damned. Fuck it. Fuck it because it's there or here. Get on with it. Live as best you can and then die. Don't worry. Be not concerned. It doesn't matter. Take it not upon yourself to care too much, too deep(ly), because there is no way of knowing, ultimately, for sure, not here, not now, not in this. And if ever there is. If in death you'll know, then that's for then. It's not for this 'now'. And there's never actually reason to rush or hurry to, for, of, by, whatever. Just to BE, is plenty.

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