Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book News - THE MUTINEER: Rants, Ravings, Missives from the Mountaintop, by HUNTER S. THOMPSON

 You'll not likely get any other heads up any where other than here, so, for those discriminating taste buds, we offer the latest no news news.

 Saturday, March 1st, 2014, the book of letters, etc is expected to be released. Those of us who showed initiative to get it when it was first announced in 2010, will not be given any special privilege. We won't all of a sudden have a copy Saturday morning jet-post or in the afternoon by slug sailor. No. It will, if it comes at all, be delivered, my best guess, Wednesday, of next week, which puts it 4 days after publication and possibly in stores already, what few will be, in some major markets, and, you can forget about getting it in, say, Mississippi, unless Lemuria in Jackson has something going for it, or Books on the Square, in Oxford will. No. Not even in Orange County, California, probably...maybe the Huntington Beach or Newport, Fashion Island, Barnes and Noble's will carry a copy or three. But where to put it on the shelves? Where indeed! 
 Nonfiction. Not to be confused with anything such as like the Vegas book, which was listed as, but really was mostly Fiction. Doesn't matter, and ultimately, nothing does, but damn it all, I want some news on the thing now. And I want it delivered Saturday afternoon. I want a letter, an email rather, in today's box, telling me, my book has shipped! So far, nothing! Which suggests to me, my Wednesday guess may just be correct. And, I could be wrong. It could hit next Saturday, after the Penguins / Ducks game and wanting nothing to do with the week ahead of that, but...we plod on, mercilessly.

AND checking my ORDER-March 6, and by the Monday following, March 10th, is the "it should be in your hands" delivery by 8 p.m.

It's just frustrating. I've done 2 of these now. No one can find them by looking. I posted on someone's Goodreads post and subsequently deleted them and even that was a major hassle. Back and forth emails with the Goodreads ambassador there. Terrible thing. Why Why Why? It's a wonder anything gets done at all. How can anyone legitimately believe in conspiracies? Things are too easily inadvertently lost or failing that (hah) fucked up.

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