Monday, May 16, 2011

Thought I Was Going To Sierra Nevada

Went on a trip today. That's about the size of it. Went on a trip today and while I thought for sure the GOLD LINE Metro Rail was finished and was going to go the whole route, I went what I could and spent not a lot of money, but had one hell of a day just riding trains.
First a Japanese light rail Vehicle. Then, an Italian one. Next came the Deutsche, or German one...and that was the nice clean (newest) bugger of all three rail Vehicles that Los Angeles Metro Rail has. Quiet as well. By far the most quiet of the three. Most clean and new things are. But not all. Some clean and new things don't work worth a crap or damn or whatever. But not any of these trains. They ALL worked quite well, regardless of where they were "from". The Japanese trains had seats made in Canada. I don't know exactly where the others came from. Doesn't matter. Same bit of ugly multi-colored fuzzy carpet on the backs and seats. Majorly Dodger blue with colored balls on them, the colors of the various trains, and on the maps and route indicator placards, there are round colored circles on them with the same color scheme. Coincidence? DEFINITELY! They didn't plan this crap, no freaking way!
Guess I'll drive to Temecula tomorrow...or something like that. Maybe not. I'll let you know.

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