Monday, May 09, 2011

There We Go

There we go. Had a pot of coffee yesterday, last night in fact, and STILL went pretty much right to bed. I've not had a pot of coffee (about 4 or 5 cups on this one), in years! Last I did that, I was up all night, walked to Hillsdale Shopping Center from my home in Foster City, and had the worst diarrhea anyone has ever known. It was two pots of espresso beans, and I was all by my self trying to write or not be bored or something. Dangerous either way, I tell you!
Went asleep last night with a pain in my head that visits today as well, and a pain that jumped on my chest at the last minute before slumber. (Chest pain, indigestion, is not evident now.)
I had been up super late the night before, and got up fairly early, and so I was going up doing most of the day with friends and some coffee, not a whole lot, but had some booze as well. 3 small beers, one, a Dos Equis 'amber' (headache inducer I think, but allergies do it most), and a Pacifico, which I enjoy more, then a pint bottle of extra hoppy stuff from Coronado, CA.
Then, later on, some Laprohaig whisky, and a Nat Sherman cigar. I only had a small snifter glass of the hard stuff, and a cube of ice with that. The cigar was good and bad, and I smoked it furiously as far down as I could. Tasting wet nasty-assed dirty tray flavored every now and again. Oh, well!
Couldn't concentrate or even relax much by myself then to watch some TV I'd recorded. I deleted several after only a few minutes. Was so bored. It's okay, but my headache...persists. Wish I could just you know, get on a plane or train in first class and have phone and tablet I want need and service that's as advertised, and just read and write and post away! I have so many too many fricken things to read, and not enough people to read me, or pay my way through this wonky syrupy sludge of an inexplicable, confusing existence. Enjoy!!
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