Monday, May 09, 2011


Ate Chicken Fried Steak, Green Beans, Mashed Potato and gravy. Had 4 small dinner rolls and some iced tea. Yet, am cold. I should be plenty warm, but I'm cold. It might be that I have a tiny abrasion on my skull, something to cry about, because my skull has been on fire these past few days, but nothing I put on would stop the itch. Tried several sprays and aloe-tea tree mix salves, and just nothing has done it...except caffeine, had a lot of late and that's even helped my pulled muscle or what as that on my right side, what pop-popped a week ago I can't say, but it's on/from a side I've had problems with from time to time, leaning over and bumping things and causing pain for about a month, which takes its time to abate. Whatever. Who cares? I scraped the skull just before going in for our meal out on the town this evening. Oh well. Hockey game in 25 minutes. Wish I had a beer and someone to have sex with. A large beer. An average sized, good-looking woman, who knows what I want, and can take care of me, with minor intervention on my part. I enjoy a smart woman, I must say.
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