Tuesday, May 17, 2011


OKAY! Right then. No more confessional CEO AD’s on TV, saying how we’re human, behind you, and every thing’s going to be okay. Sure, there’s plenty of oil in the U.S., in the North of America, but so what? For all that steam processing to get the shale out of the ground and into something useful, it’s going to kill us 4 thousand times over. And, 2030 is not that far away, right? We won’t have the infrastructure, the biosphere to subsist, much less exist. STOP IT ALREADY! And stop killing people over seas just to get oil in the guise of we’re doing this for democrazy. Whose? Yours? Mine? OURS? Certainly not THEIRS! That’s imperialism, insanity! STOP IT ALREADY!!

Why do we have to pay good money out for people who just can’t live alongside one another? People who say they’re so damned oppressed and crucified, HA! In the court of public opinion, that have camps for others they say are always hitting them first, and, we’re only retaliating because they bombed us. Well, who has them in Camps? Sections of the city you supposedly control and maintain with guns and razor wire? F-THAT, and F-YOU!! STOP IT ALREADY! I say the whole place is holy. Okay. Right. On that we agree, right?
Okay. FENCE THE PLACE OFF. KICK EVERY ONE OUT! NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN OR OUT, PERIOD! Install 20’ tall fencing, topped with glass and barbed wire that is electrified, and that if some one so much as goes within 10 feet of it, they’re reduced to ash, much like those “Ground Snakes” fire works you can still get at or around fireworks times in the U.S.A. Yes, you’re ground snakes, dark gray ash material. Vaporized I’d like to see. Lasers on turrets doing the trick, auto-magically. It’s holy after all, right? Right! Stop it already! We’re borrowing money from China to exist. We’re invading other countries like cysts or cancerous lesions, it’s crazy. WHY? To root out terror, evil? We’re the terrorists! We’re the EVIL! It’s US! Why are we going in for their oil? To bankrupt them? It’s bankrupting US, dumb-shits! Stop It Already!!

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mrken said...

Again: GIANT FENCE. AROUND THE WHOLE OF THE HOLY LAND/Middle East. Every one has to leave it. Signs around fence read: GET OUT OF THE WAY