Friday, November 16, 2007

ON FRIDAY, November 16th, Heard about The Iran Agenda?

The Ultimate Dog and Pony Show
Most “experts” claim and all seem to agree that that public spin of the United States and its efforts overseas and in the world at large and on the world stage and in hemispheric public mindsets, that it’s all a dog and pony show. Some kind of smiley diffidence laden bullfuckshitcrap deal of nothingness, misdirection and obfuscation, utilizing the classic prestidigitation when it comes to Iran & Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Darfur, in Africa.
Something else is really going on despite what’s getting reported in the papers. You can hear and you can read and you can figure out on your own that that crap they’re feeding you on CNN and the papers (what little happen to exist any more), is just that, CRAP! And I tell you mister, if you don’t bury it or shovel it away, and you work in it, you’re going to have respiratory and other “problems”, for the rest of your life. You won’t get a rest. It’ll kill you.
My life, my body, my psychic aura or something or another is trying to tell me something is wrong, but do I listen? Do I do any thing about it?
I need rest. I need to consider. I need to get straight what’s going on. What can I do? Where can I start? I do not know. I simply do not know, and it is a grave and troublesome phenomena in my life.
NO sooner do I get fixed with the cough and get rid of it, when I hurt my back. Or my back is hurting me. No sooner does that get cared for then I have my left ear clog up and cause discomfort with pressure and sound coming in all fragmented, buzzy, and crackly. What gives? What is going on? What is being said to me through these things and I assume more, that I’m not getting?
What is the message? I need a vacation. I need a new job. I am grateful for what I have and what I have is not all paid for yet. Brand new car really. First year of 5 for paying for it has come to an end or will be done next month, for it was a year ago then that I “bought” it. Which when you get a loan you get it paid for by a loan company and then you pay the loan company back with interest, causing the car to cost even more, but, what can you do? YOU can’t afford to pay cash outright for a car. You’re a loser. You don’t have any thing but good credit. Who the fuck are you?
The car’s 7 + years old but it’s brand new really as it’s cherry in condition, so far…the vanity mirror folding thing on the driver’s side sun visor fell out several months ago. But so what? That’s nothing. Hurts. But, you know, it’s one of those things you’ll let go and not fix because it’d cost more than you could believe and you don’t want to hassle it.
You can’t find the clothes you have to wear and yet you want to buy more. In fact, you get coupons and you get to the stores on the way home from work and you’re tired and out of sorts and you go to a store and try clothing on. FUCKING EXPENSIVE CLOTHING, that really costs too much and then you think how it’s going to be paid for…trying to find a way. You still have not got your payment for your coral/lava tooth cap/crown figured out. And for today, the dentist was going to get you fitted/situated with it, but dammit all her subordinates canceled your appointment. You tried for another but no go. What’s going on there? What gives? What doesn’t really. What doesn’t give is your dream of writing for a living…in a world where no one really needs writers. No one needs to pay them really.
Some one said once, the writers are on strike. Go to Hollywood, network man, network. Do they understand striking writers don’t need or cannot possibly help folks to whom they’d have competition from, coming up to them on their picket line and asking how they became writers or just who their agents are so that they the would be crank on the street can become a writer too? But it’s done with good will. It’s gone done with decent intentions and I appreciate it like hell. I really do. But it’s not how it’s done, is it? What is the way? How? NO one has read my script and the one person who did want to read simply didn’t respond. Maybe because it was in such a piece of crap state. But I did fix it and it rocks now and is perfect and all but so what? I have to look as a project, for my novella of it and get it going and see what’s what there and make that happen. Get that an agent. Go from there.
Ultimately it is about us. What do we do? What’s next? Where do we go from here and what do we do to get there?
The U.S. is doomed as a country if we can’t get it by for of the people and have if the really smart people seem to know what’s really going on, our tarnished trashed and ultimately damaged world view image resuscitated on the world stage, and get to where we need to be, get going, and get out of here. Moving on. Moving on. Moving on.

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