Friday, November 02, 2007

Seven Thousand Dollar Dental Visit. Or, I Got A Loan From the Stage Coach Company I'll Have 6 Months To Pay

MY DENTIST IS HOT but so what? If your dentist has to be asked to get you new toothbrushes…if your dental hygienist is different every time, then there’s a problem…and, esp. sic. Every time you go in there, there’s a “crown” required, on a tooth that of course isn’t fully covered by the highest dental program/coverage plan you have through your work, RUN! Run like fucking hell!!! Sure, you’ll have all the latest knick-knacks and gew-gaws of technical machinations. There’s a TV/computer screen and screen savers about porcelain veneers and they’re all photo-shopped to hell I’m sure. In two week’s time the prison factory tooth designer/builder team is ready with another crown, zero metal in this one thank goodness, but dammit all, I’m sure YOUR doctor won’t be there to put it in. Uh-unnh. She’s going to be on maternity leave, delivering her second (I’m guessing.) baby. WTF?! I’m tired of all this crap. A co-worker said the other day: People really should get hobbies. (Pointing to all the strollers he has to corral.) I think it’s true. This world is a fucked place, not just because all the medical crap is bogus and unnecessary, but with the way the world is going…the pain and fear of bills and payment schedules…having to scrimp and not buy any thing and do without all the time, just blows. Just absolutely blows. What the fucking bloody hell are people going to be working at? What jobs are there? What are people going to do? What the fuck is there to do? As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, which is why the arguments for not living are really appealing right about now. It’s a fucking waste being here. What am I here for? What are we here for? There’s nothing coming. We can’t get out of here with any thing, so, what’s the fucking point? What indeed? One can only conclude: Have Fun While Here. Fuck Around. So, how do we do this? Make a bunch of money and party. That’s about it. Have fun while doing it…else-wise, it’s a complete waste of carbon we are.

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