Friday, November 09, 2007

The Game Is Played In Pain

Yeah, sure, but it can keep one from playing or playing well too. Sure, deal with the hand we're dealt, Warren Hinckle (Who Killed Hunter Thompson?--The next Oral History of Hunter S. Thompson due...?) once wrote a book that was titled words to the general effect of the old saw: If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade. Sure, Lemonade. That's good with limes and rum. Good rum, with fresh crushed iced and mint leaves. Spearmint, Peppermint(?) and ? I don't know. What else would you want in it? More rum? Vodka? Never mind, just don't mix it with explosives or driving or any thing stupid like that. Just sit back with friends and read at that point. Watch a ball game. We don't need any thing mean or violent. It just causes pain. It hurts, and life interfere's with plans enough: My Ship Came In While I Was At The Airport Catching A Plane. And that pretty much can sum up life at times as I've found it at least.
You finally get that pair of pants or locate those beautiful mountain climbing "approach" shoes you'd been wailing about and they're moth eaten or something....the bottoms fall out or every time you put them on you get athlete's foot. Terrible thing. What now? What do you do then? Buy new ones? They don't make them any more. Buy something else or just move on and try like hell not letting it get you down. That's the main thing, because there's more life to be lived and its yours to live and share with others and freedom aint free but you have to do something about it any way.
Yeah, that's what life is. You tell yourself no more books. Read the ones you have and you go right ahead and buy more. You have to stay inspired. Somehow some how you'll find a way to write read pay bills work your job etc. Somehow. Some how. Some way, on and on and on. Moving On.


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