Friday, October 15, 2010

No Facebook Weekend

No Facebook this weekend, and I can honestly say, I miss it. Miss posting and reading posts. Idea was, to not post, or get on to read posts, until Sunday morning, at 3 a.m., at least. 18:12 on this beautiful cloudy Friday evening, and I've not been on it, not once. And I do miss it, do indeed, regardless if some of the links people post can't be picked up on Mobile or even bothered with on Twitter, another I think I'll stay off of this week end.
There's that red bordered 'asterisk' on-screen, with the number 2, indicating some posts are pending to be read. Won't know what until Sunday, my Monday, at the earliest.
Thing to note here at Miss Elle's in Shell City, as I still smell that dark-blue dressed woman's sweet, nice, perfume, on my lips; face, shirt, that, well, huh, uhh. I'm writing. I'm posting. Blogging. And as I write, I can't recall if this one is the one I need to put a code on to get it to publish. I have three Blogs. And I can post via email, which is infinitely superior to trying to access them via internet browser, etc. on this hand-held. Oh yeah! Peachy. Big, clear, letters, screen, of email, regardless if the text will be changed on two of them, and not in the best of ways either. Oh, well.
{From The Handheld}

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