Saturday, November 13, 2010


SAT. NOV. 13, 2010
JAMES ELLROY, will be at South Coast Village theatre adjacent at 10 a.m., if all goes according to plan, and I will as well. I want to see him, hear him, catch the 'nuttiness' that is the phenomena of a writer and quite the pre-eminent guru guy of L.A. Crime Noir, esp sic HIS life starting out, was indeed, 'that' (His mother was brutally raped, and murdered when he was just a kid).
'We Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself', our 'Father' of a President of our Nation, who once used to deliver 'Fireside Chats', which most people caught onto by the radio, not a fireplace. Certainly not his. He was too rich, too inaccessible. Most Americans never even knew he was 'disabled' as it was called back then, or different, maybe 'special'. What it was, was Polio, no?
Our FEAR, or what it is, isn't really the thing itself, but a Flash Bang Horror Hell (Our Most Unwanted) realization, that we have to make a decision, DO IT RIGHT NOW!!! And we may not want to. We may not have all the facts with which to make an informed, considered, thought process. We may be incapable, incapacitated, as it were, with the inability, to RUN! Because we don't have the use of our legs, or there's this Precipice at our end of the tunnel, and there's the Monster quickly gaining on us from the other direction.
NO, it may not be the thing itself. It may be CHANGE. Yeah, we fear it in that we're totally comfortable with our current run of precepts, intuition, assumptions, beliefs, for who, what, where, when, how, why things are, the way, they are. And, we don't want to change that. We don't want to have to jump into, be poured into, have poured onto us, a whole new set, series, or just influx of information, we have neither time or inclination, to process.
It's quite a thing to have to deal with chaos ongoing on a daily basis, it's exhausting. Who wants it? Who needs it? I don't, you?
And that's what life is, constantly, having to negotiate with yourself, with others, with the elements, things, on a constant basis. All of this, all of that, all of everything, all at once, is FEAR! The horror, the horror, the horror.

{From The Handheld}

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