Saturday, November 01, 2008


AND DON'T BELIEVE every thing you think either. Yes, that occurred to me the other day when I thought up this rather profound way of describing things...actually, it didn't. What actually occurred was this: I read that statement the other day and it didn't make me disbelieve what I thought up the day prior to that. In fact, it cemented it into my consciousness, no, it didn't do that either. What it did do was make me think and allow me to breathe and relax and lately I haven't and lately I have but recently I've not been able to feel real good. I've had a spate of really feeling like shit and worrying like crazy about my mouth and the fact of my dental history being a depressing subject: More and More expense and the general DECAY of things...very depressing...
The thoughts of describing life are as follows:
Milly or Mike. Shiboo and Nothing like that, are or were or is the creator or creation of life. There's PISH and it's every thing. All things and nothing as well. NEVER MIND how it got here or how it decided to create things: life the universe and every thing. It doesn't matter, as you'll find out, nothing does. More on that later or now: Don't Worry. It's nothing to worry about because you cannot do any thing about it any way. It's a given.
PISH is every particle under the sun and is the sun and all aspects of all things. Say it's a consciousness as well. So too, there's YOU for example. YOU, yes, YOU READING THIS RIGHT NOW. Have you been here before? Will you "BE" again? Well, here now is a thing for the description of reincarnation. I don't believe in it or care but here we go.
YOU as a property or particle, a consciousness as it were are here now and have been many people and things and will be what? Who cares? You learn things? Come back again and again to discover what life/living is and all? YOU are also the PISH thing, put that in your pipe and smoke it...or don't, because all of you have been doing this for millennia, and it's not helped or solved a thing at all. There is war/fighting/suffering and indignity, etc...and it's not necessary but some how it is because it's here and it is.
Like a rain drop. A single and individual thing...from a lake or pond or whatever it was before to the rain drop/rain and then puddle, pond or whatever all over again...or snow...and it melts and again...back to the whatever. This is this. This is all of us, all of the properties and all.
And all our thoughts feelings, etc. they're just what are as a result of all the right elements combinging to do this...and then, when the combination is over, we will be. All our thoughts will be too. All of our emotion, thinking, consciousness, etc. it will all be absorbed back into the cosmos as it were. Back to PISH or whatever what have you.
What is, is; people coming and going and thinking and feeling and though we call these things what is and what isn't and all, it's perhaps and probably the same phenomena, explained in our language and receptors of reality as we see, but will probably be the same thing over and over and over again...with no real change or "IMPROVEMENT" or what as that...and it's not important. It doesn't really matter. So in the end or whatever, you and I don't really have to be so any thing. We don't have to be so pro or against any one or thing...that we see hear feel. We don't have to be really. We are, but so what?
This could be depressing if one thought of it so, but it doesn't have to be. It can just be accepted.
It came up to me this afternoon. I had thought of how to express all of this. It came out differently than I had intended and that's okay because the basic gist of what I was thinking the other morning as I woke up and began to describe life reality, is here.
It came to me again the statement in the William Faulkner novel and I think I'm getting it right: "If I could choose grief over nothing, I would". I think it's from WILD PALMS, and is quoted in a Jean Luc Godard film, A Band Apart Or Breathless, I'm not sure. For me. I think I would prefer NOTHING. I don't mind feeling blank every now and again. It's comforting in a way...can save me a lot of trouble, pain, grief...

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