Saturday, November 08, 2008

There Is No Title

Time and time again I have told you and you are not listening. Why are you completely ignoring what I have to say? WHY? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. You must be the most stupid individual in the whole world. Must be. I mean, why can't you listen, do as I say, learn? What does it require? WHAT?
Must you fail forever? Must you never get any where? Where do you want to go what do you celebrate or what would you if you could? What could you change what would you change and would it all amount to a bunch of money? You'd only have a bunch of other problems and you know it.
Living life, it's change in relativity. Things change but they do not. Life itself is not fair. It sucks. But so too it is bliss ridden and you live life and move along and yet not so very far either. It happens. Things come and go. You're pissed out of the blue and happy there too. So, what do you make of that? It doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense, does it? So why would you waste your time trying to change it make it better or being depressed/suicidal about it either? It's a waste. It seems every thing really does. Truly it must be that the most important thing to note that ultimately nothing matters...that that statement is perhaps the most apt and true of any...EVER!

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asenasac said...

Why nothing since Nov. 8?? New content, please!!