Friday, August 17, 2007

NEWS AT 12.10 AM

It is now 12.24 and I am up, wide awake, and in gray cotton shorts and a sleeveless white nylon holy shirt, after peeing...and wondering...well, that was a nice nap. Went to sleep at...? But, got in bed at around 6 PM the night before, and woke up...several times to leak the lizard, and I drank some more water every time into bed, and I was wondering just now, sleepy but not asleep, what it looked like when it was dark, when the sun went I've not been around for that for quite some time.
Usually I'm in bed at 6 and asleep by 6.30 and though I wake and sleep throughout some times, I am rested and not so bothered as I have been. It's okay. I'm glad of the peaceful nature I've had of late. REALLY glad. I've not known how light/dark it is with the sun down...I've gone to bed and have been asleep through that transition...but have been awake and here throughout the transition from night to day. Wonderful. Peaceful for the most part. Quiet. Clean.
The sleep has been interrupted. So quiet? No one here? HOT. I could go back to sleep, but I wonder now as I continue to write, if I will....but what time will I then go to sleep and what shit will I get into/out of if I go from there?
Hungry, but I dare not eat, not now. Don't get into that stuff mister, you know? This is WAY too early to get up. And will I would I move around for the Winter? Possibly...because this time of day will be WAY too COLD to be messing around in shorts and a special hole punched type of nylon shirt, where there are all these divots I'd say on the surface of the shirt, making it holy as it were, open to air to "breathe", but yet still be together, to have a surface over all.
Go back to bed after posting? I love the graphics of tumblr blog, hate them here, but HATE like HELL the tiny text on tumblr. It took me a while to get to this page. I've not posted in yonks, have I?
And I've not had a look at my pen light in a while. Three batteries: 4 A powercells on a pen light, and they're open/exposed, and the flashlight still works, but doesn't click on any more...fucked up some how...wonder if I can send the thing back to Streamlight and get it fixed. Blue LED, but the batteries...discolored...must have oozed into the button head area, messing that up and is this shit going to eat the skin off my hands? I've washed them...
All this reminds me and boring bores the hell out of readers the cassette tape recorder with messed up batteries of the tape player in the drawer in the storage space that I've still not cleared out and need to...and will but lately have the idea to do so with help and a truck and a trash can on the drive way like I originally had the idea to do...certainly don't want to get into it now in all this heat. Wish I could just do it now. I mean literally drive down there now...but it's 12.38 in the morning...don't you think you should just get back to sleep? Oh how I do, but when to wake up and what to do then?

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