Friday, August 31, 2007


This thing we do, blog. Blogging...flogging, exposing our parts, nether spots and yon...dur. I know for personal reasons I don't need to do a lot of see me nude here? There's nothing to look at. I'm not that interesting. I hope I never am. But I do want a certain amount of people want to read me. At least that...perhaps it's best after, when I'm gone, and so I should just worry as ever like I do, on writing and write and read so that I'll get and stay in the mood to write and just keep on doing it like that, you know?
I've completed the VOICES FROM THE STREET book by Philip Kindred Dick, and Spook Country, by William Gibson. I think I've mentioned here I finished Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis as well. If not, I have now. I've got most of the book called JUNKY by William S. Burroughs through, and am about to pick up Bad Monkey's by Matt Ruff.
Got a great price on Berlin Alexanderplatz, by Alfred Doblin. It's being processed by some one back east, near my sister's place, but as irony would have it or coincidence or something, I couldn't have her pick it up at a place closer, and mail it, because for the time and gas and shipping, it'd be, found I did another listing, in a town still in her state, but I don't know where this place is exactly, for even less money than the price of the store listing the book in the town very near by her...and soon I'll get the prompt I hope via e-mail, to click and get the thing paid for....
I've ordered those Vasque shoes. Laces and holes from the shoe laces at that, none of the material hanging off the shoe or the tabs and the laces wrapping around and ultimately getting loose as I wear them....sure, made in China, isn't every thing? Our (the U.S. of A's) down fall too I'm sure. Did you know we are borrowing money from China? HELLO!!! Millions of Americans out there. Did you know that? What the hell? And just who is funding all the military arms we're fighting against? China no doubt. I have no proof of this, but reason from paranoid psychosis, it's true.
Any way, there's The Rum Diary to read again and several graphic novels. Some I've read and some I'm reading and some things, thin books, I'm plowing if I could only get to that staggering sack full bag of stacked magazines...and read them too...get those buggers out of the with the books I've got in addition, Charles Stross, Hiassen, Rankin, etc...I could sit and write some inbetween? Yeah. Right. Okay. I'm thinking and it's coming here and there in bits and pieces and if I could only just get the shit down, you know? Dammit!!!
Fix my phone whose screen is cutting out. Watch which will be the...I don't know...very expensive, I'd like to cash it in and but what for? It's good and I want better eyes to see the dial at night and want brighter luminescence on the arms and hour markers...the new modern safe material...and I could for the price I have to fix the thing, get a new watch, so why don't I do that?
And get my full cap on tooth, because the partial crown thing isn't making it and what else? Whatever? As ever, the storage money there...etc. Whatever. Moving on. Something to eat now, will feel better later...hope is...

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