Friday, January 25, 2013

Many Tied Tomatoes

O.K. Let's figure this thing out. We've got a boy, Man-tied to Mayo (His.), gets the world; hook, line, and STINKER. Bad p.r. "person", or horrible novelist, in disguise as football player. Just a kid. Stupid subterfuge, nevermind what Stendhal said about robbing a man of his subterfuge, and he goes crazy. This person is a kid, just a kid, and what's viral, is a lot of people are talking, like any press is good press. Got coverage, like Catfish, on us all. And so what does this mean? It's a waste of time. It's way too stupid to be the classic bit of the Magician's, prestidigitation. The clasped hand pointing to the other, opening, which reveals No More COIN. Remember, the hand pointing, has a fist, and the COIN is probably still in it. What's the REAL stinky carp here on the dock, bloated, drying, fly bitten, in the HEAT of topical attention?
Guess like many things, we should all just ignore it, as like most, it soon will pass.
Delivered Via Akasha

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