Saturday, April 06, 2013

Think I Think How Do They Know This?

Even Vegans eat spiders at night when they sleep. (How do they figure this crap out?) Can everything be simply explained some day? Does it need to be? When faced with the overwhelming, what do we do? Freeze? Reboot. Break it down into manageable components. Begin the beguine, all over again. OK. Good. But let's be honest, the unemployment rate is just that. You can get numbers, math, to argue anything, and still be wrong. You need emotion to set it off. Math isn't absolute or perfect. It can be manipulated to say like logic, semantics, etc., to say whatever you may. Doesn't mean you're right perfect true. It's all relative. One day they may assert, my Dad once suggested, Einstein was wrong. But, it required him to come along and to do his thing, for us to get to where we are. What do I want to say here? Nothing, therefore, I said it.
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