Monday, September 26, 2011

Simple Fix

And so, to fix the thing, because it didn't say or tell me directly in an email: Hey, we're changing the way you email mobile, I had to go in and find out for my self. Well, I changed the address in the Contacts file, and hope is, I won't have to keep now answering my computer's prompt here for which address? Because I deleted or changed the old one. So, how do I do that? Keep the BB here from asking me which one? I typed it already, and it popped out both with a window, asking...ah well, as long as the site accepts my addresses. That's the main thing. I went into the web site settings and selected Post Immediately for the options to these emails I send. And then just changed, but I guess maybe I shouldn't have, because now and maybe forever it will ask? Well, it wasn't on there, the secret words box, a box literally said that, and I was considering, well, let's think of something clever to put in there? Do I need to? What was there before? So. Here we go. Post!
{From The Handheld}

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