Monday, March 29, 2010


MON. MAR. 29th, 2010
DREAM: Emma Watson and I were dancing in a roundish room of doors, after we had been tasting a bunch of whisky. Highland Park was the last glass. It was the lightest and sweetest best taste. Our mouths were burnt and burning from others, the HP was like fresh water. Earlier I had been hiking the hills to the rocky high promontory coast. There had been some land cleared out and soil added around a few trees. One tree was on a high top area in the middle of this high end housing tract, and with my bare hands, I was patting it. I'd followed Emma on horseback, her back to camera, we as ghost flying behind, admiring the beautiful female body shape form. And I was on that hilltop, saying something, and then we were walking the hills together for a bit and then were in a room. A bar. A tasting place at a long table, trying out the whisky. Laughing. Having a grand time of it. After the last sample, really good and buzzed, we left. We were in that room. Pushed a button for the Lift apparently, and then she grabbed me and we began to dance. I followed quite easily, until I thought about it and then didn't step too well, then she stopped. THE END.
SOME other dream after, along the coast, car parking under water. Florida I think it was. I wanted to read this magazine article. I was having to check out its length and put a book mark in it, but the words kept going on. There were the photos and they were those moving images ones where the rain drops falling slowly on a sunny day illuminated clearly the overly sunny bright Florida coast, as the raindrops very slowly dropped, making big ripples here and there. How did those people get into and out of their cars without them flooding, much less, start them up?

{From The Handheld}

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