Monday, March 08, 2010

I Say, Good Bye, True Love.

Giving up writing as a career choice now certainly has freed up in me a lot of pressure from the standpoint of all the heady emotions I used to have. I'll bet now my health will improve as well, no more barrage of oddity squeaks and squirms, the hurts and fears here there that I used to endure. I'll be pain free until death do I part. Well, yeah, sure, why not?
People ask me about something and I plainly tell them. I don't wear much of a face on, but what ever I may have in the moment, I ride on the outside, and if I'm bored or tired or any thing, it's broadcast loud and clear, I guess. Or when I tell people something, my family way of speaking like a major authority, comes across as bossy or arrogant or I'm having to stop my day to tell you?
I guess that's what, from time to time people ask something, I tell them, then they tell me: "Okay, I didn't know. I was just asking. I've never been here before."
And I then really chafe. I say: And you asked me and it is my job to tell you and so I'm telling you.
Which isn't best under current circumstance, to be uttering. Just don't say any thing, or smile, mean it, and say; Have a nice day. Or I'm sorry. I'm really at a loss here for what I've done to hurt you. I didn't mean to. I was asked a question and I did my best to be as thorough as possible and answer your question and then some.
That, 'and then some', may not be necessary from time to time. They may only need a 'turn left at the crossroads', and nothing about the weather, or conditions of the sign; the minute descriptions of the myriad confounding little sidetracks, all along the way. They don't all need that, but pity me who's taught to be the best and is trying hard and ends up allowing them the opportunity to say something that you decide hurts you, and since you don't have anything of the sort in re - a poker face, your anger frustration screams out at the world through your visage, sorry!
One day some guy asked What are we shooting at today? You reply Same thing every day, the targets! They say the killer line "Never been here before".
Great, pissed us both off once again. I'm tired of this. I think, why are other people so emotionally super sensitive? Truth is, YOU are!
{From The Handheld}

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