Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Peak Performance of Peaches McCormic

Harvey Korman's gone. "You're a Tomato!" director among a myriad of other things: Tootsie too; Sydney Pollack, has left as well. Now what?
When you're feeling blue, read something really sad. 1 Liter Of Tears, by that Japanese girl who had some kind of spinal disease, heart wrenching stuff! The title, spelled Litter and Liter, should be by my account spelled: Litre. Is the diary entries of this girl from 12 to 20 years of age and then a couple of entries by her mother and a doctor. Sad. Horrible. Tragic. It'll make you stop feeling sorry for yourself, I hope. And it is the best one can hope for, it is the peak performance of peaches mccormic. What we can all ascribe to when things go rotten in our lives. When the life long dreams we have cannot seem to be materialized, etc. That kind of thing. When car accident after mortgage forclosure after tornado and earthquake and child gets killed by bus, etc. all that gut-wrenching stuff occurs.
We feel so sorry for others it seems some times. Some of us only feel sorry for ourselves. But, it is hoped, not all the time. I do know that we do have to take care of our needs but have to have in mind the needs of others as well. We have to be careful as we gently tread along.
Just a note. Hello. Hope you're there. Hope all is well. Hello. If you need me, all you need is to call.

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