Monday, May 12, 2008

The Neck

My mosquito bite as a "friend" calls it, is going down. It's not so much with the pus ooze any more. Washing it this morning for the bandage change, it bled a bit...more blood than ooze, so, yeah, washing it out. It's washing itself out. I hope to see some more...Well, no. But, you know, I want more improvement tiempo know, as time goes by.
The local witch doctor Doctorio Z has graced me with some bottles of things and will have another for me manana, all so that I may clean myself up in due course and move on away from bandages and worry. I really need to get rid of that scheiss! That's the part what makes every thing "worse", eh? Worry stress, your body gets ill.
A little rain. A lot of thunder. It's ever so nice. Need to sit out more on the porch and enjoy the peace, quiet, and cool breeze. Las Brisas. Muy Bueno. Very good indeed. More later and or on another day perhaps. Tah!

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