Friday, February 29, 2008


Okay, so it's Friday and I really needed after going to L.A., to get back to the behind of Orange County and into Shell City A.S.A.P. I was graciously excused from lunch to do so and got a bit of money gone from the wallet of mine and into the account at FLAX in Westwood. Namely, in the form of another pen (A small gray Caran d'ache "quiet" ballpoint, which takes the standard PARKER, etc. like.), some dark blue cartridges in a tiny blue plastic package, a bottle of dark blue ink like some other cartridges I've been using in the Pelikan Pelikanos, a Large Parker rolling writer ballpoint pen I need for a new but old style Frontier, translucent green body and stainless cap deal (I had eons ago purchased from a Office Place in Los Angeles and wondered if I'd ever have one to back up in case...and eBay one day provided.), a cool, slightly oversized pocket notebook, with rough-like fountain pen paper, at an extremely generous/affordable 10 dollar price...which, with the overpriced but can't find any where else pen, and the ink (?) well, I'm okay...just wish I'd found a straw hat like I was looking for, and NOT another long sleeved pique cotton (red) patagonia golf/tennis/polo shirt...think I'll try to get the folks in the Newport store to get the folks in the West L.A. store to package one of the Mediums up and send it.

How do I double space my Word file document, w/out literally going in with the cursor, and hitting ENTER for each line? I want to ready my novella, get it into the Agent's hand and get out of here, PRONTO!!!

WORKED like crazy on line for the past few hours trying to get it so that I have some kind of notification thing on my web or rss feed or whatever, to notify me when I get a comment on my blogs or whatever it's supposed to do...hell. Sheer hell to do. I couldn't stand it. Still can't. Why did I waste my life doing that?

Nokia's N810 is a "tablet" and not so much a phone with wi-fi Internet...but will go to a connection, if you've got the codes...but, you have to be near and know them and be able to put them in.

STILL, I've no hope of getting a's all so assinine. I don't know how much longer I can stand it. Don't need all of this crap, but want it. I want to be mobile. I want to blog remotely and it really won't be remote...with the proper phone and service, it'll be like being here writing, only I won't have to be here and it'll in theory WORK!

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