Friday, February 15, 2008

The TRUTH, or, the WAY IT IS NOW....

There's all these people doing all these things and it all seems important and I seem utterly lost and generally left out.
People are on their phones and seem to talk for hours without having to charge their batteries. I on the other hand talk to one person for 45 minutes and my battery's on low, and have to recharge.
People text and get messages like crazy, have the latest gadgets, get and use and have connectivity like all the "service providers" promise, but whenever I get to the phones and the places to try them out, whenever I read the reviews and all, I find them all missing, missing something vital that I need. WHY THE HELL IS THIS?
What am I doing wrong? Some people write and publish and have and do but I do not. I'm just a little piece of wood in an amazingly ginormous river that gets shoved on downstream like so much flotsam/jetsam...nothing ness. WHY?

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