Saturday, June 09, 2007

SOME NEW WORDS--The Mood Occurs To Write

I mean hoo-doggie, if they wanted to live a life of Christ, well, they’d all publicly martyr themselves, wouldn’t they? Suicide pure and simple. BOOM. Blow themselves up or something. Most Christians are too lily-livered for “acts” like that. Muslims blow them out of the proverbial red sea when it comes to suicide. Much more faith going for them there. Them that do that, because I do NOT recall in reading The Cow and several other “chapters” verses of the Koran that I was able to get through. Nowhere did I read anything about blowing oneself up or killing others when it comes to shit like that. No one can or is/was encouraged that I recall to live like Muhammad, not like that. He never died on a cross, in a public political social upheaval thing like that. No. In fact, I can’t remember how he died-what circumstances there were at such time conditions. But it wasn’t in the book to “follow me” or “live like Christ”, etc. No. Not that. In this, it is where Christians fail miserably.
They have no guts no stomach for suicide. And yet passages rage. “No greater love has … than this-one should lay down one’s life for another.”
Boom. Pure and simple. I’m dying for you. Boom. But of course one doesn’t even think of it like that. One helps others. It’s instinct. One’s job. Sets of rules. One follows and to the best of ones capabilities, one does what one can to do what’s right. [Fight for the country whatever.]
One learns as one goes in rules or guidelines. The present the current present changes and requires different sets of guidelines, the gut, the instinct, the what’s best for the present-and then one makes a calculated assessment and acts accordingly or not, according to the rules guidelines of the job/society, to make for the job/society, the Best action for the moment. Because at times the rules/guidelines need to be bent/suspended, in order to smooth, make the day of all those concerned.
We are culpable answerable to the self-god alone. We look at our deeds the circumstances of the day. We have to have the best way of looking at it ourselves. Taking in what’s happening, but without fucking up our sayings self talk, what would eliminate all future possibilities for our selves. We have to think in terms of self survival. Self sufficiency’s sake. SURE-we live in a society-rules-when and all it comes, we are in conflict or accord, we have to consider our actions with others and maybe we only do so in so much as how it again pertains to us. But and so, No self sabotage. Just because it’s happening or has happened. Until you die it’s not the end of the world. It’s here still, You are here, and though the dynamic between you 2 has changed, you’re poorer/richer? Broken-lost limbs-you still must act and think and move on.
A person will think and act according to how she/he thinks is best on 2 general principles concepts constructs being modes of life manners of thinking. 1. Self. 2. Self in society as pertains to self. Survival, etc. and whatever contributes to survival, or detracts for that matter. [Help others ultimately helps self. You feel good.]
Aside: What is it in life what brings people archetypes at least in looks/manners to one again and again? People I’ve known and have worked with and known of. Have a certain look shape.
John Boyer replaced Mike Marushak
Jorja Fox replaced Becky Horton
Scott at work replaced another person at work I worked with centuries ago named Steven Dahlby. And both of them remind me of NEAL CASSADY.
Red Headed men have a lot of testosterone? Women seem drawn to them. Malcolm Little (Malcolm X) had Red in his hair. (As a kid he was at one time known as Red. Wrote with red ink.)
{{My great grandfather wrote with red ink too. Had parkinson’s disease and…dementia? Wrote with what looked like a squiggly (moving) pen, but it was his hand that shook. Drove a Plymouth real fast on small country roads that were rated for 40 m.p.h. it seemed but he cruised at 75 m.p.h. Loved red socks gray suede hush puppies shoes and gray slacks and red shirts. Black belt, white hats from time to time…Had gray hair w/white.}}
People were jealous. I’m jealous of these red haired people. You can’t tell me that was no conspiracy to take him down. I’m sure by the powers that be at the time done willingly by highly-crazed other brothers, very jealous of his power and influence.
Seemed to me in the final stages of his life he was changing from a power hungry atheist to a god (as allah is god) mild mannered Muslim. Oh no. Can’t have that. Well, in society in general at that time people couldn’t stand all the trouble being caused. And that’s why they had them shut up. Silenced all time? These leaders in the community that needed silencing. Oh a few dollars hours to for of by martyr-ology, but not for long. In the big picture people forget. And people instinctively realize-there are other forces at work and other BIG players that if they don’t like the procedure of society if it’s out of control. People will put their best people on it, make sure things are settling down. It was a nation at war on many fronts. Much of it within and the old guard was having none of it. It’s Christian duty as it were, was to rout all riff-raff. And kill or be killed doing it. But of course that would never happen. It’d be mere child’s play to rid the country of the trouble makers: JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm Little (nee “X”), George Wallace, (Only cut him down.) Marilyn Monroe, James Douglas Morrison (Jim Morrison of The Doors), Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin…
Or, Ah, Er, Uh…Maybe Neal Cassady, but no. Not really. That’s crazy. I think that Warren Hinckle thinks along these lines and has thought Hunter S. Thompson was “killed” for the same reason(s), that type of cabalistic who-haha. Hoo-haha more like it.
Crazy shit. My goodness. Most of these people just self-inflicted. They lived so damn far over the edge is all. So damn close to the flame, etc. It burns, kills, you don’t make it forever. Hell, even Jack London spoke about it. He’d rather be a meteorite than a sleepy and permanent planet. Of course that’s only by comparison for comparison (compare/contrast) purposes only. Because planets are volatile and malleable and are changing as well as meteorites. (I believe he said Meteor.) But nonetheless these stars in our atmosphere galaxy I should say as they are truly nothing to me and my spiral arm (am no where near their orbit) some don’t leave a good corpse. Some smash their convertible and get smashed up quite a bit: James Dean. No one was driving but you, eh? Myopic. Depends it all does on your perspective. Einstein was thinking it was all relative to…
You may or may not see/notice “know” in time to save your butt for another day what will save you for same or ever (certainly a few more decades), and that’s just how it goes. That’s how it goes. We all know we all die. That’s a given. That’s “permanent” once you’re dead, and nothing or no one can change that. Know this. We do.
In literature ART best we can do is say hey-our actions have consequences and no chalk of fate is available in real life to bring us what we want after the fact or could undo whatever we’ve done. We have to live with it or if we can’t…I guess we could clip out, but WHY? I personally want to see all this fair and unfair bullshit all the way to the end.
They say no one said Life’s Fair. Well, I’m telling any one Who’ll listen=Life is Unfair. And it’s probably fair too.
It’s not as if I think it’s all just a duality of opposites but it does come pretty close. I always want a perspective. I want options and help for how to make it as best I can with as little hurt for all as I possibly can. I want to get rid of the pain confusion stupidity, to do as much to rid the world of these things as I possibly can. But I tell you, I know they in their measure in our lives have value we can learn from them “it” this phenomena.
We Can Learn (WCL) From the idiotic bullshit unpleasantries. (IBU) Eye-Bee-U.
Yes we can learn from them time to time as much as we damn and curse the hell out (in/to) them. As much or as the more it goes that we have days full of the idiotic inconsiderate bullfuckshit. We can learn from it. Hot Damn! It’s not such a fucking waste after all.
Still, just the same. I want days month years on end of prosperity. Of that fresh feeling you get sitting at home alone after having just taken a shower put on clean clothes that are new and comfortable. Feeling no pain or discomfort physically mentally emotionally, what-so-ever.
Being clear of heart soul mind. Alert but not wired. Relaxed but not tired. In a word, perfect. Not hot or cold it could be sunny or overcast. Not hot or cold. Perfect median temperature for you.
No phone calls doorbell interruptions. Just simply sitting there in your chair with the right light and pose. Good book and or pen and paper writing. Perfection. Bliss.

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