Friday, February 09, 2007

If You're A Complete Moron...

IF You're a complete moron, you'll miss entirely a tasty little film called: The Lives Of Others. This first film by a lucky jugen gentleman from Germany, has totally trapped my heart. I can't say any thing but GO SEE IT!! And with luck, you'll get a clean theatre with great screen and seats and go early with a full belly; there will be sufficient darkness and no smelly smendricks from schmecklinville sitting down right next to you or in your eyeline, just before the film starts, only to stink or talk or both throughout the 2 + hour read. You'll probably see the preview for the film FRACTURE before the thing starts, and then the latest ww2 fiction piece, some jewish girl going blond and tricking the German high command...Any way, I hope you see it. Hope you get a great experience, some Junior Mints and a tear in your eye as a happy experience at the movies. I know I did, and I'd just like to share that bit of happiness with you.

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