Saturday, May 21, 2016


  Not one of our submarines is missing, in fact, it's submerged.
(Que up Thomas Dolby at present for your aural pleasure while reading this.)
   Not many people think of them. Rest assured that U.S. military goes in and out of the 12 mile buffer around China and its "installations" with them as well as their planes and boats.
  Yes, go to sleep at night in comfort, while you're awake, you can read The British online news about how the U.S. spy planes ( they don't say what kind of air craft ), are waved off in unsafe manner, by the Chinese fighter jets, while they, the Pentagon, release to the British press, that boats and planes patrol the 12 mile buffer zones. Yeah, never mind what subs are up to, and, why can't they keep their B-52's airborne? Why did that one in Guam dump it the other day?
The largest aircraft in the world landed late in Perth, Australia the other day, but a commercial Airbus, the bloated 737 type, just went down in the Mediterranean Sea. Why? How? 
  There's a super-sonic jet engine tested the other day, soon we'll be able to fly from Sydney to London in 2 hours. TWO HOURS!!! Think about it. And try to get some sleep. Good Luck. 

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