Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Something For The Future

WED. NOV. 7th, 2012
Let's do this bit-by-bit, step by step, inch by inch. Being Careful. Let's see what we think, see what we feel; is it Real, meal after meal? Yeah? No? Then go from there, you know?
The dynamic must be altered, yes. I agree. At work they ask: How do I win? Change your outlook. Remove the paradigm of winning/losing. Fighting Dying. Oh you don't need to be so serious, it's just a stupid game. Well, don't ask me stupid questions here, where it's too LOUD, and I'm walking in place on this moving walkway, and you're on the ride moving by. I've already lost long ago, but keep on moving anyway. Hope is one day and thenceforth, I'll figure a way to win, by not losing myself to grief over not being able to properly take care of myself in this world, OR, I'll come to the conclusion, I just don't care, and, it just doesn't matter what you/I do here, because ultimately, nothing matters.
Maybe we have this whole living thing wrong. Maybe we don't go to hell or heaven, but into the next phase. We've seen how life goes first hand, how the world operates, people suffer, find bliss, how dumb and beautiful it can be. Now then it's our turn! We get a world where if there's fifty thousand people who want to be ballerinas, well, then, we have the infrastructure for them, and fifty-thousand ballerinas! And if everyone wants to be a Fire-Fighter, everyone can be a Fire-Fighter. We'll have the fires and life you want need care feel for all of that. And if everyone wants to be Wilt Chamberlain, then we'll all get to have sex with as many women as we need.
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