Sunday, August 12, 2012

Loco for Doco

Out on the front patio now, in the shade, of course. Mike's Limeade. Turkey Burger Sliders. Sweet potato fries. Peach Cobbler and French Vanilla ice cream served by headless automatons, who give great foot massages. The Doctor just left. She says my eyes will come and go, and to forget about my knees. Keep swimming, but don't always insist on going alone, in the dark, and without a stitch of clothing. Too dangerous. "Danger is my middle name." I tell her with a straight face, and she slaps me hard across the cheek. After some table-tennis, (She wins, 2 out of 4 games we play.), off she goes in her new Tidemark Hydrogen powered sedan. {Wonder if she gets it that I LOVE her?}
Delivered Via Akasha

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