Friday, February 03, 2012


My hand's got cracks all the time on the fingers. The local nuclear power plant's got leaks. And, I'm just killing time here, trying to find out why it is I feel so crappy. Oxygen? Lack thereof? I never wanted to...
Can't finish a sentence. Went by hardware store just now. Picked up 2 things. I'm really broke now. But, in my looking and checking things, I may just improve my lot by simplifying my Pad wants needs, and that Pen, I'll just get when I can and not have to worry or anything else really. What am I saying? I can't sit in that chair by the computer and write. My ass hurts. I drift off mentally, can't focus, and I just waste my time. Can't easily realize what it is I want to say or search for, do it, get it done, then get off and Turn everything down, and get some sleep. Desperately need my sleep.
Ah, shit. My ticket. My confirmation. It's all in spanish. I need to call them up and confirm what to do. Get my printer working. (Needs new ink, not a new printer.) Print Pass from Home 72 hours before? And get into LAX, 3 hours ahead of time. Say, it's going to be busy. Oh hey. Oy!
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