Saturday, March 19, 2011

12:32 A.M. PACIFIC

Finally are we satisfied? Did we do the damage to the finances etc that we wanted and needed to do, to be wholly content? I certainly hope so. I've spent enough money. Too much. Must find out. Feels over the limit, way out of line. I have to stop. I now know that I must heed these last "friendly" warnings...who knows? I may not survive to pass this way again...well, enough quoting the speaker utterances of the Pirates Of The Carribean ride at Disneyland...dead men do tell tales, and most good writers are dead long gone and who cares about that? I don't. Certainly. Who? A bunch of crap is on its way. I want to get laid and get a new phone well as do laundry and see a bunch of movies. I have the over whelming feeling or had it on my way home from Long Beach tonight, of my weekend being over. I hate that feeling...usually I feel it hit me on my Friday night...and it hit again, per usual...and dammit all I had earlier the feeling overwhelming too when I was trying to sleep, take a nap earlier, (Something I rarely do.) that, saying to myself, I wouldn't mind seeing/having 3 or 18 weekends come and go and have my self spend not a cent on any thing but food for the week, you know? That's why I cry, but not why my eyes hurt. (Can't figure that one out.) My mouth is not so dry. I don't feel as if there's bile and I just must you know get to bed right now. Busy day tomorrow. Lot's of things to do and hard decisions to make.

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