Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mamma Told Me Not To...

SAT. 24 JULY, 2010
IN BED usually before sun goes down. UP and in the water for a swim when it's dark still. Hittin' coffee shop before clouds clear, here w/ a few of the workin' girls smokin' cigarettes outside or in the lobby, waitin' for a 'ride'.
THEN it's off to the Mart w/ K, banks and coffee and picture show, if we can manage it.
Yes, K-Mart. For Lunch Pails and Pens. Then to S&L and regular fundage house to put filthy lucre there from Savings, to take care of service work on car. And other various sundry as is told. Another stop, coffee shop. This one for coffee, iced, no room, no sweetner. This for the cup for the week, basically. For I brew my own at home & use their cup for work. Then oh when maybe I can get out of all this and join you at the picture show. Somehow it occurs to me I didn't get much sleep, and I'm doomed.
{From The Handheld}

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