Thursday, May 20, 2010

Because This IS the moment...

Because this is the moment I'd rather I found out why or what I was told and did not understand than get upset about it and decimate another person's character.
I did not understand what she said. I did not understand what you said. I went back to her to ask.
No rice with this dish in the Entree's section that said rice and soup served with the dishes listed.
Use their box, and it doesn't matter how much it weighs, it'll be the same for postage on the same box of theirs regardless the weight, and will be more, if you use or reuse your own.
I'll reuse the same box that I've say sent you or that you have sent me or whatever.
That may sound like you're NOT going to use the Post Office box. That in fact, you're going to be using a box from the garage, possibly an old brown cardboard one you may have sent us, etc.
It is a pity a person gets upset when a person just simply explains this.
Yes, people don't understand all the time. Yes, just drop it. Who cares? So what? It doesn't matter. So too isn't it wonderful to see to hear to know to learn to understand? To challenge the difficult in life and have tools then when you learn, to better deal with what in life you encounter?
It is obvious at this juncture, I seem to revel in it. Sorry to try to lord it over onto you. I apologize. I am sorry. I don't care any more. I'm tired. I hate you. Oh well, too bad, get over it, whatever.
It is often unknown what motivates another to say/do what they say/do. Folks are irrational. They do whatever for whatever reason or circumstance. It either means a great deal or nothing at all. OR, it is a little of both. Who knows?
All we have is this moment, this here and now, and it is over by the time one cogitates that it is so.
I think the main issue, which is a thought you brought up in conversation some time before, which I thought of later last night:
(It is Thursday morning now and you are getting ready to leave.)
Is that of Dad's Anger, to which I think: OUR anger. Mom's, Yours, Mine.
It is too bad we don't have a handle on when it's coming, and a way of channeling or stopping it.

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