Monday, October 01, 2007


Yes, I’m writing to you from it now, as I speak, or, if I choose, I can flip out the folding keypad (It’s wireless, from another manufacturer, but, compatible, from the get-go.) so that I can actually write, but it’s just for quick notes on the road and I’ll have to go through this on my desktop or laptop later, and clean it up a bit I’m sure. I’ll even leave in all this sidebar commentary.
Yes, you have that right: G6 digital technology CommUnit. Yes-sir! The system is up and I can speak on phone to Mexico and from Mexico (The United States of Mexico) to Guam or Puerto Rico or Peru, Brazil, Argentina or Paraguay. I can use it in Saudi Arabia, and speak to the United States of America and from Europa to Canada or wherever the hell I want. Of course it’s not a satellite “phone” unit, (Is it? Why not?) I’d have to have my laptop broadcaster for that, but, in a pinch, without blocking/interference, I could speak via satellite that way if I so choose, because I do have UWB Ultra Wide Band wireless technology on it as well. (It’s like Blue Tooth on steroids, without losing your job when you’re found out, or getting cancer later on from it.) And I can hook my laptop to my CommUnit with wireless or wired technology, and be up on the net with the Unit being the online part and then hooked wire wise, with my laptop charging my 10 hour battery. Yes, you heard correct. 10 hours! Got it right finally. Damn battery and power/usage, that’s worth a fricken toot and a half, and how!!!
MP3 player. 16,000 song titles, not one thousand 600. 16 thousand. I can easily download from wherever more titles, but prefer just to get my cds at home and put it on my computer to the software and simply zip it over to my CommUnit.
AM/FM and yeah, hell, digital and Satellite radio. Why not? It’s what I want and some times need if I’m on the road and I don’t want just the vast array of beautiful recorded music I have on hand.
I can record still and moving images with my Carl Zeiss lens. I am a reporter after all. I can do that. I have then recall for stories I write in the fiction line I also come up with, but mainly, it’s for travel blog, the bulk of my work. There is also the voice recorder to zip down thoughts faster than my hands can crunch on the physical qwerty keypad, for on the fly stuff.
AND what else? What else is there? I’ve got a phone a camera a diction machine, I can play music and I do use ear buds or headphones wired to the unit and I prefer it that way. So too, ear/microphone for talking on the phone. Wired. I prefer it that way. As good as Blue Tooth or UWB are, I still want one step away from the prying ears. (I know, they can still get the signal and listen in, but I’d like to keep the aesthetics not too fancy. Besides, I absolutely hate them earpieces. They keep turning themselves off and are uncomfortable, and look ugly.) This way too, it’s a definite on/off thing for me. On or Off the phone. Now, I know exactly what you might be thinking. What if you’re listening to music and the call comes through? Ever heard of Voice Mail? Text? I can do both, as well as pause or stop the music where it is, getting back to it later exactly in the same spot as before to speak out loud to the caller, using the ear buds for stereo music now for phone use, or switch things out. Yes, two cords.
People hate strings attached. Confusing. Tangling…but not me. Not hard for me. I don’t have a problem with it and could go wireless that way if I want at a later date when they get those damn things done better. Don’t consider they ever will. It was a bear and a half to get my geek friends to produce this little unit. How ugly is it? How beautiful? It’s both and neither. It can be put into any existing phone you have now if you want. I usually keep it in the Nokia N98. But they don’t have the Nokia…only for you they don’t buster, only for you. For me, it’s a different story.

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