Saturday, September 08, 2007

A LIFE NOT SO AQUATIC? OR, The Vicissitudes of Life...

My Aquatic Spider Release: Showering to wake up this morning I noticed my usual water going down the drain backward (counter clockwise), and to the left spin, instead of right. Good, some politicians would say, because we’ve been going the wrong way for quite some time.
I thought, Owen Wilson. What’s wrong with him? He’s got the life of ease, right? Every one loves him, but what, he doesn’t have his one true love? She was about to leave him? People are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan and a bunch of un-name-able other places most folks haven’t even heard of that the United States of America and its current world wide policies are involved with, so buck up buster. Get it straight, get over yourself, etc. Or, just go down the drain like this arachnid “did” this morning. After several struggles to get up out and away, it just went down.
There was a spider in the shower with me this morning and it was from whence I noticed not, but noted it struggling, trying to get up, out and away, for dear life, I interpreted, though who am I to know the life of a spider? And it didn’t make it. It went down, down-down-down the drain, down. And so is it still alive? I think so, but it went with the tide is what it did…and that’s what most Americans did and do and what a lot of people do. Though most don’t (I’d say), become famous, or appear in the papers a lot, with their great works and deeds, they make it…but not all, not all. And though all of us die sooner or later, it’s inevitable; it’s always in store for all of us; every single one. Some die horrible stupid expirations, for no good reason at all…not as if there are good reasons for dying, no. Not in a war. It happens. We die. Damn. That sucks. Most people quip with the, it could have been prevented. It was preventable. Owen could have made it or will only go there some day when someone’s not looking…I feel sorry for the poor bugger, sorry for all of us. We’re all struggling.
As many times as I make it, as bad as it gets, there are times I’d like to lay down and go to sleep and never wake up ever again. I even say that to myself from time to time. I just want to go to sleep, etc. But at some point you have to check yourself, what it is you’re saying…if you’re not getting the best of results in your life and all, maybe you can change things. Maybe. Perhaps you can alter your inner/outer dialogue, your communication channel with yourself, through which you operate your “YOU”. Center. That sounds all wacky mystical and touchy-feely, don’t it? But, we all need a healing center, and that’s what it’s all about.
From time to time it’s whatever gets you through the night. If it’s a good or great book or movie or buying a new shirt or having sex with your wife or whatever, good. Go for it. Do it. Do it till you’re satisfied, eh? Whatever it is.
You need something. We all do. We may come in alone (And, maybe we don’t: Busy operating room, most of us.) and we may die alone, but we still have decisions to make and people to travel with and that’s what makes it worthwhile. Heal up my man, heal up. Heal up if you can. Go all along the way my aquatic spider release. Go and heal…thy-self?

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