Friday, April 20, 2007

Is It a Coincidence this came out when it did? Frustration, A prequel, It's spring after all...

SUNDAY, APRIL 15th, 2007

The area known at one time as Mesopotamia is a mess. Charlie (Manson) and Company wanted a race riot? Said, the Beatles’ unnamed “white” album, (an all white cover, without title), told him to…Frustrated unknown, unable to get a contract or album made through myriad sources he met, finally made his own contract, with peeps (then known as followers, at one time good people,) ah, all disenfranchised YOUTH! And, but, it didn’t work. It just kept people paranoid, scared, and rightly so. See, told ya’! Youth, Hippies, Drugs. What good they ever do? Crapping in our own pants. That’s what that was. Follow the CIA rule, get Both countries neighbors fighting against one another and sit back and see the results. Pay for both and maybe we can move in later and work with them, whatever’s left…didn’t work. Not in Vietnam, not in L.A., not in the Middle East certainly.
Some say we’ll go to war with Iran next. Who do you think’s funding what’s going on right now? IRAN, SYRIA, CHINA, RUSSIA, whom-ever has a vested interest for us to fall flat on our tuckus.
THE U.S. has for a long time been the big bully. Soviet Union fell. Oh boy. But where is it now? It was long thought we’d fight one another. Do we still? Was all of that falling an illusion? Is it ready for a real fall? Is CHINA really behind all of this like they were in Southeast Asia?
THE U.S. didn’t want any thing to do with any one or any thing after World War I. Some people believe our powers that be, knew and allowed the shit in Hawaii to occur so that the people’s will would convert and we’d get into what was WWII. Same thinking with 9/11. Whatever. Same people think that who complain and go to lengths explaining red tape and issues as idio-crazy how things work/don’t work with the gov-ment. How can both be true?
How can there be an expertly guided, flawless cabal, and still the sludge with all this in-competence? That’s the beauty of it, you think, they are idiots. That’s the plan. (They want you to think that.) But really, it’s all under their strict control.
EXACTLY, yes, we all want that. Charlie did. Patty Hearst did…we all do…but we come to find out, we aren’t in control. It frustrates us, no? Who is in control, any one or thing? We (maybe) will find out, in living life, that no one is, that there is absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel of life. Do we go, oh well, or do we go out in/on a rampage? Which is best?

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