Sunday, July 23, 2006


This is lame. Just too hard to work. I want to put in a photo, now I can't. I want to delete the previous entry, I can't. It, in a word, sucks. Hope is I'll get internet access and be able to post something if I remember my user name, etc. and get in on the computer I use and make a comment or three for you to read. Because this is what this is. There is nothing else. I have to get off this goddamn thing and get into the packing I need to do and then get back into the swimming pool again and maybe it'll rain again on me, like it did earlier when I went out to shut off the water which I had on earlier to add to the pool. The cleaning system had been turned off for three days and the water level was too far and the cleaning mechanism wasn't working and it needed to be, I took care of it...sun shine and rain and even a bit of an earthquake today while I was reading the book review section of the LATimes, something about the first wife of Raymond Carver. She's got a book and that interests me...I've seen it rain on a sunny's hot and humid and I don't consider I'll bring my fish oil with me...too hot and quite a mess to bring...bring a bag or what as, that won't work...I'll only bring my L-Theanine and Rhodiola Rosea...some more Propolis...but, even still, after all this time, I'm still getting or have still the red bumps on my skin...even in all this heat/'s incredible...Enough. The End.

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